Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We're going, We're going ... to the IKC!

Sorry I've been out of touch lately.  My paws and nose have not been near a computer for awhile.  Mom has done her due diligence for Izzy and me in terms of taking us out to the dog park every weekend day but she has failed to take written note of my magnificence.  

Well ... I now know why.  She and my dad have been busy preparing for the IKC show in Chicago (International Kennel Club).  She is totally excited but totally freaked out about it.  We' re going to be something called "vendors" (whatever that means).  It is kind of her "debut" (also whatever that means) of her online retail store www.bumperpet.com.  

But, what about me?  I'm not supposed to know this but Izzy and I are going to spend the day at the groomer's tomorrow so that we'll look our best for "show time."  Then we'll be at the show on Thursday and Sunday.  Are we being shown?  No.  I don't have the necessary equipment (if you know what I mean) and neither does Izzy.  We wouldn't pass muster.  But we get to see some of our full- and half-siblings, all Tibetan Terriers!

Do you think I'll look like this? 
What about Friday and Saturday, you might ask.  Mom has decided that 4 days cooped up in craziness with two Tibetan Terriers might be more than she could cope with .... so, we get to go to our favorite doggy day care and we even get to have a pajama party there on Friday night.  

Or do you think I'll look like this?
We won't be totally cute on Sunday, especially because we'll get all messed up on Friday.  Mom promises to take tons of pictures while she's there and to tell everyone interested both the good about it and the not-so-good about how our newest 'venture' goes (whatever that is).  Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us.  Actually she needs the luck more than me and Izzy.  We IS BLESSED (by our awesome-ness).  And we IS humble, too.   Mom needs some TLC from her buddies out there.  

More to come .... stay tuned.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Queen Isadora Enters Adolescence

And my folks are re-discovering adolescent angst.  Poor mom.  Poor dad.  Poor me.  And I've been de-throned.   

Hey, this used to be MY chair!

No one is sleeping at night .... Read about it! (Hint:  click on the link to the left)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I must be an adult ... or maybe I'm simply proud

No pictures, here.  My mom wishes she had had a camera with her, but even if she had one, it was too dark to take a picture of this interaction.  I wonder if any of my TT buddies have had this happen to them, too.  

Picture this:  My mom has taken destructo-girl, Izzy, out for a walk alone.  She doesn't do this often, but Izzy seems to like it.  Mom knows that I like it as well, so after she dropped off Izzy at home (who by report, waited patiently at the door for my return for over 30 minutes), she put the lead on me and we went for a walk in the dark.  Mom walks pretty fast.  Actually our gaits seem to match up well as I can trot along side her.  We walked about one block on a major street and then turned the corner into a more residential setting, when we both saw a woman walking her young dog about 50 feet in front of us.  

Normally, in the dark, I would have taken a barking pre-emptive stance to let the dog know that I am around and to watch out (as well as to warn my mom, who at times is totally clueless).  This time, however, Mom saw the dog and although I was pulling towards the dog, she stopped me with a "settle" command and we simply watched until we walked up to the woman and her dog and introduced ourselves.  

The woman seemed nice.  She told mom that her dog was a 'small' Swiss Mountain dog who had very "alpha" (her words) like behavior and was very dominant even at home and she was uncertain about how her dog would react to me.  Mom stood very still, listening, and so did I.  Actually, I was in a great stack ... head held high and watchful.  Mom couldn't tell if I was staring at the dog because my head fall has gotten rather long and she has trouble seeing my eyes.  The other dog was 2 years old and alternated between trying to be dominant with me and then placating me with a puppy bow ... back and forth, not really knowing how to react to me.  

As mom later told dad, it was one of the most interesting 10 minutes of her life with me, watching me and how I handled it.  Normally, I would be barking or pulling on the lead with my butt wiggling (as per my name).  This time I was a statue, standing proudly.  I allowed the "meet-and-greet sniffs" and I sniffed in turn.  But every time the dog tried to lay his head on my back, I back off with a jump, then scratched my hind feet out like a stallion or bull (with its front feet, however), then returned calmly to the other dog and simply stood.  I never barked.  I was not aggressive in any way.  I just .... WAS.  The other dog didn't know what to do to engage me.  I was very calm.  Now all of you know that Tibetan Terriers are not noted for being calm, non-barking dogs.  But this time, I was the epitome of .... whatever. 

This went on for several minutes.  I stood proudly and fearlessly.  Then mom said, "Let's go, Dunk" and off we went.  

My mom continues to be perplexed by this new behavior.  I didn't seem anxious to her ... a better word would be 'watchful.'  She needs to look this up in her books, unless any of my friends or followers out there can explain my behavior to her.  

Signing off for now ....

Wigglebutt Duncan

Friday, January 6, 2012

The long, long journey home .....

I was actually a good boy.  In fact, I was a very, very good boy.  Only whined once for about 15 minutes because I was bored and a little hungry and wanted some special attention.  I needed to behave; as the older brother I had to set a good example for Izzy because this was her first long distance trip back and forth from Chicago to Colorado and she takes all her cues from me. The only cue she doesn't take is when I want to be left alone!!!

Let me talk from the perspectives of both Izzy and me.  I wasn't happy when the packing started.  Before that, I was my typical "slug" boy lying about when I wasn't being challenged by physical exertion (namely, walking).  

My 'fav' position!
Izzy, as usual, was oblivious to what was going on, and simply wanted belly rubs and to smile at anyone who would look at her.  
I am just a happy girl!

Mom was stressed by trying to clean up everything all around her to put in special bags.  Our dad was simply trying to stay out of mom's way.  (Good choice, Dad).  Then he brought us to the main floor of the condo building to bring up the luggage cart.  Who could resist a ride on that?  Izzy and I certainly couldn't:  

We aren't sure about this.  Does this mean we're gonna leave?

I know I'm hard to see.  I was BURIED in stuff!
We left around 10:30 MT and the ride up and down the passes weren't too painful for my ears although I whined a bit (Please note that I am a very expressive TT.)  Then we were in west Denver where Mom and Dad did some shopping.  Dad bought an audio CD book set for the long journey home, and Mom had to buy a new bluetooth ear piece because Izzy chewed up her old one a day ago.  The car was so packed with stuff that you could barely see out the back to see my smiling (?) face.  

This was in Nebraska.  It was 70 degrees on January 5th!

After multiple stops for peeing, getting gas, and pooping, we arrived home at 5 a.m.  Being in the car for about 16 hours, we were plenty rested and wanted to play and romp around.  Mom and dad were NOT happy.  Eventually we allowed them to settle down for a nap after insisting on being fed.  

I'm learning the art of the scam.  Maybe I've already mastered it; I'm not sure.  The basic tenet is that if your owners are tired enough and if you are persistent enough, they will eventually give in to whatever you want.  I got FOOD!  Now .... if I could just figure out how to use the 'scam skill' on IzzyDunk.  Hmmmm.  That would be interesting.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Something is going on ....

There is chaos in our condo right now.  Things are all over the place.  Suitcases are out; bags are all over.  I'm salivating as the refrigerator is being emptied.  No one's giving me any treats, though, despite my use of "the stare."  I'm not sure what's going on, but I think we're leaving Colorado and going on another journey.  I've been through this before, 3 times, because I'm going to be 4 years old in February.  

I'm not sure I like this.  I've gotten used to going up and down halls and trying to not bark; I've gotten used to going up and down elevators; I'm even getting better at being around little kids. 

But ..... I DON'T WANNA LEAVE HERE!  Look at all the things I'll miss doing back in Chicago.  I won't be able to climb up mountains (like my ancestors did when they helped their owners in Tibet herd goats); I won't be able to roll in mush and interesting animal poop.  I won't be able to go on very long (3 hour) hikes; I'll be stuck in an office all day with my lil' sis, IzzyDunk.  And then I won't have as many adventures .....

I love it here.  Don't wanna leave!

I can have fun alone .... or ....

I can have fun with Izzy!
Hmmm.  Not sure this is safe, but I'll try
Believe it or not, Izzy is one spunky little girl.  I couldn't believe it.  Today she clawed her way up the side of a mountain (snow and all and rock) that was about a 45 degree angle ... up around 40 feet where she looked down at me and dared me to go up and be with her.  I tried, but only got about half way before I slid down.  Then Izzy was afraid to come down (it really was steep), so our mom with her special YAKTRAX climbed about half-way up and finally she came down.  Then she ran up again.  Hmmm.  Note to self:  "Must get in shape for climbing.  Can't have her beating me."  Will do.  

Izzy scrambled up something steeper!
I'm still not sure what's happening, but something is ..... will let you all know what tomorrow and the next day brings. 

The home of www.Bumperpet.com

IzzyDunk is featured on the computer.  I'm wondering if Wigglebutt's jealous? 

No, he's not jealous!  He has his own 'puter. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My love affair with Tabasco Sauce

I seem to remember an awful news story a year or two back about a man disciplining his dog by literally pouring Tabasco sauce down the poor dog's throat.  It made headlines, and of course, now I can't find it on any online searches.  I vowed at that time to never be that sort of owner.  

However .... I now have IzzyDunk who loves to chew through my dining room table chair legs.  She had other options ... very expensive bully sticks to chew on and a bucket full of chew toys.  Is Izzy interested in them?  Absolutely not.  Whenever it is quiet in the house, and she is not in sight, the dining room table chair legs are getting thinner and thinner.  

I tried Bitter Apple.  No luck.  I tried wiping them with orange juice.  Again no luck.  To make matters worse, the chewed wood was unfinished whereas the finished wood obviously remained the same.  It looked terrible.  

Now, I never poured Tabasco sauce down her throat, but I did liberally paint the entire chair legs with the hottest Tabasco sauce I could find at Whole Foods.  (Of course, the Queen Isadora Duncan deserves the best Tabasco sauce available).  I watched and waited.  A miracle!  No chewing.  No more obvious bite marks!  And even better was that fact that the orange in the Tabasco sauce made the raw wood on the chairs looked as though they were finished (unless one looked closely).  

Found at Whole Foods
So,  I love Tabasco sauce, used judiciously.  But Izzy is now tearing the white cording off the dining room table chairs and Tabasco sauce does not come in a transparent color.  I am now searching for the equivalent of a malevolent tasting spray that won't harm destructo-girl, IzzyDunk, and preserve my dining room set.