Wednesday, October 19, 2011

But what about ME????

Not feeling the love, here.  Sure, I enjoy the chase and play, but does it ever end?  I WANT HER TO GROW UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.  (not really alone, just a bit more alone, actually I kind of like her .... she's actually kind of funny ... and I like the company .... and I prefer to play with her at the unleashed dog park much more than other dogs .... and we body slam and play growl and play snarl and scare all the people and dogs around us.)  Just take a look.  Maybe my life isn't so bad .... maybe it still is about me? 

Do I look totally fierce or what?

Professional Blog or Personal One?

Isadora Duncan aka "destructo-girl"
My mom is still taking pictures of me and destructo-girl, IzzyDunk.  Apparently, she has chewed underneath all the dining room table chairs.  Mom has tried everything and now will have to resort to coating the chair legs with Tabasco sauce, per her breeder friends.  Ha ha to my competition.  Can't wait to see what happens.  Just look at the smile on her face when she is out and about and destroying MY home. 

Don't for a minute be taken in by the innocent expression on her face!

My mom is supposed to be writing a polished professional blog for her company, but she likes writing about my antics much better.  If you want the "pro" version, you can visit it at the link on, although I think my life story is far more interesting.