Saturday, December 31, 2011

When did "I" become a "We?"

I guess it happened in January 2011 on the coldest day of the year.  I'm still adjusting.  It hasn't been easy.  Here is me:  

Me, the original Wigglebutt Duncan
And here is she, aka destructo-girl:  

Isadora Duncan, aka, IzzyDunk
And now we are a "wii"

(It looks better than it is ....)

I am still the "man" and muse in this family but WE may be posting together in the future. 

Happy New Year World!!!


Love to all from Wigglebutt Duncan and Isadora Duncan!

Woofs and licks and arfs to all.

Traveling to Colorado .... by Car

We really like our car crates. 
I came out with my mom, dad, and year-old sister, Izzy (aka destructo-girl) to spend 2 weeks in Colorado.  First, we decided to leave the Wednesday evening before Christmas for the 16 hour drive rather than on Thursday morning.  Our accommodations were first class!  Same size crates as we sleep in at home when we feel like it.  Everything was great, even the pet friendly motel in Des Moines, until we took a wrong turn off I-80 and ended up going to Kansas City where we eventually hooked up to I-70.  But I was a patient boy and decided to NOT howl the whole way.  In fact, I pretty much slept. 

Recommended by the Tibetan Terrier Community
We missed the snow storm in Kansas but got the snow blowing aftermath, kind of scary; Denver was kind of scary too as a storm had just departed 5 hours before we got there.  Just my kind of luck.  But all was well and we arrived safely.  Izzy was actually OK in the condo ... she recognized the smells of me being there before.  However .... I never peed on the carpet or anywhere in the condo, but not Izzy.  I thought she was housebroken but apparently she had to inaugurate her other 'home' by a quick pee on the carpet.  So we got bundled up and went to the local hardware store (thank you Ace Hardware in Vail) for a product mom had heard about on the internet called "Unique."  Mom followed the directions and the stain seems to have come up, but after it dried it was so wonderful that Izzy-girl had to roll in it.  Don't have a clue why.

Wanting to wander on the trail
This is Izzy!
For treats we'll do anything, even stay still for a photo

So what are we doing in the mountains?  Since there's no snow, we are not being left alone at the condo.  Hooray for our good fortune.  Sucks to be mom and dad.  Here's a few pictures of what we've done.  We have found all the good hiking trails around the Vail area and are exploring each and every one of them.  Just take a look. We have been doing this every day, sometimes twice a day.  I am very happy, although Izzy can be an annoying juvenile TT.  My folks are making the best of no snow, but are getting a lot of much needed exercise, and we are totally exhausted. I don't think there's going to be any snow in the near future, so mom and dad will be stuck with us and we'll get lots of exercise and lots of treats.  Hooray for Wigglebutt Duncan!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

But what about ME????

Not feeling the love, here.  Sure, I enjoy the chase and play, but does it ever end?  I WANT HER TO GROW UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.  (not really alone, just a bit more alone, actually I kind of like her .... she's actually kind of funny ... and I like the company .... and I prefer to play with her at the unleashed dog park much more than other dogs .... and we body slam and play growl and play snarl and scare all the people and dogs around us.)  Just take a look.  Maybe my life isn't so bad .... maybe it still is about me? 

Do I look totally fierce or what?

Professional Blog or Personal One?

Isadora Duncan aka "destructo-girl"
My mom is still taking pictures of me and destructo-girl, IzzyDunk.  Apparently, she has chewed underneath all the dining room table chairs.  Mom has tried everything and now will have to resort to coating the chair legs with Tabasco sauce, per her breeder friends.  Ha ha to my competition.  Can't wait to see what happens.  Just look at the smile on her face when she is out and about and destroying MY home. 

Don't for a minute be taken in by the innocent expression on her face!

My mom is supposed to be writing a polished professional blog for her company, but she likes writing about my antics much better.  If you want the "pro" version, you can visit it at the link on, although I think my life story is far more interesting. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm feeling ignored!

It's been a long time since I last posted.  More than 4 months and a lot has changed in my home.  My mom now has two jobs, her day job as a psychologist, and her after work job as the founder of  It's been an experience, to say the least and I'm not getting as many belly rubs as I would like and now I have to share her attention with my little sis' IzzyDunk who really should be called "destructo-girl."  My sister, Izzy, has a really sweet face, but DON'T BE FOOLED FOR ONE MINUTE!  Just look at that complacent face resting on what used to be MY CHAIR.  The nerve. 

For all of you other dogs whom have suffered through the addition of a sibling dog, it's not all what you think.  She's really pushy.  When mom comes home from work, she tries to edge me out of the way to be greeted first.  But mom won't let that happen and I get the first greeting.  That's before mom puts her purse on the floor and I dig my head into it to see if there's anything special there.  She chases me around the house.  I've been the pin cushion for her baby teeth (fortunately now gone), and she takes all my bully sticks even though she really doesn't like them and prefers to chew the squeakers out the of squeaky tennis balls.  But I get even.  When I've really had it ... like when I've feel as though I've been pushed over the edge, I simply sit on her, yes, sit on her.  Do you think it fazes her one bit?  GIANT NO!

I guess I'll just have to hang my head in shame until my next post.  That is, if Izzy stops chasing me around and around long enough for me to get to the computer. 

WigglebuttDuncan, signing off for now ....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ooops .... Did I forget to mention?

I have a new sister.  Actually, she's not so new.  She arrived on the coldest week of January.  Her name is Isadora Duncan and she is now almost 7 months old.  She thinks she's coy and the best thing ever.  I think she's annoying, except when I want to play with her .... What do you think?  She looks kind of cute and mellow lying on the asphalt but don't be fooled for one minute!

My mom's starting a new business!

It's not running yet, but is being 'developed' as they say in "web-ese."  Of course, I am the STAR!  Major star.  The name is:  Sadly, I have to share the limelight with my annoying little sister, Isadora Duncan (IzzyDunk).  Here's a little hint about what is to come .... (hint:  just look at the removable vinyl bumper stickers on the back of the car, created from photos my mom took of me ... and Izzy)