Saturday, December 31, 2011

Traveling to Colorado .... by Car

We really like our car crates. 
I came out with my mom, dad, and year-old sister, Izzy (aka destructo-girl) to spend 2 weeks in Colorado.  First, we decided to leave the Wednesday evening before Christmas for the 16 hour drive rather than on Thursday morning.  Our accommodations were first class!  Same size crates as we sleep in at home when we feel like it.  Everything was great, even the pet friendly motel in Des Moines, until we took a wrong turn off I-80 and ended up going to Kansas City where we eventually hooked up to I-70.  But I was a patient boy and decided to NOT howl the whole way.  In fact, I pretty much slept. 

Recommended by the Tibetan Terrier Community
We missed the snow storm in Kansas but got the snow blowing aftermath, kind of scary; Denver was kind of scary too as a storm had just departed 5 hours before we got there.  Just my kind of luck.  But all was well and we arrived safely.  Izzy was actually OK in the condo ... she recognized the smells of me being there before.  However .... I never peed on the carpet or anywhere in the condo, but not Izzy.  I thought she was housebroken but apparently she had to inaugurate her other 'home' by a quick pee on the carpet.  So we got bundled up and went to the local hardware store (thank you Ace Hardware in Vail) for a product mom had heard about on the internet called "Unique."  Mom followed the directions and the stain seems to have come up, but after it dried it was so wonderful that Izzy-girl had to roll in it.  Don't have a clue why.

Wanting to wander on the trail
This is Izzy!
For treats we'll do anything, even stay still for a photo

So what are we doing in the mountains?  Since there's no snow, we are not being left alone at the condo.  Hooray for our good fortune.  Sucks to be mom and dad.  Here's a few pictures of what we've done.  We have found all the good hiking trails around the Vail area and are exploring each and every one of them.  Just take a look. We have been doing this every day, sometimes twice a day.  I am very happy, although Izzy can be an annoying juvenile TT.  My folks are making the best of no snow, but are getting a lot of much needed exercise, and we are totally exhausted. I don't think there's going to be any snow in the near future, so mom and dad will be stuck with us and we'll get lots of exercise and lots of treats.  Hooray for Wigglebutt Duncan!


  1. Terrific photos!

    I'm just starting to get to know you two!

  2. Thank you (blush). Of course, the scenery did help!