Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Stare ... (or am I a subtle TT?)

The stare .... especially the longing, but not disrespectful stare, is one of my best talents.  It sure beats getting scolded for jumping on the chairs or tables and I believe it garners me the respect due one of my breed.  After all, aren't we known for our independence.  Let the labs be the sloppy jumpers.  For me, it's just THE STARE with the correct amount of pathos delivered.  To be sure, I know what I am doing; I also know that my family (nuclear and extended) know what I am doing.  And even though I never will get fed from the table, if I am convincing enough, there is more than a slim possibility that I will be treated with some left-over scraps after the meal is done.  I have also learned that little morsels may be dropped onto the floor so I am now refining my scavenger skills so that my owners don't understand what I am doing and extinguish their behavior.  How many of you have mastered "The Stare?"

If you haven't, you must take a lesson from my playbook.  And as you can see, the type of the cuisine is irrelevant.  I especially love the edamame beans. 

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