Sunday, May 23, 2010

I can look cute if I want!

Yes, can you believe it?  It's ME!  After the dreadful spa day.  Oh, I like the big tub with the non-slippery mat, and I truly enjoy the massage and rinse with warm water.  However, the blow dry?  Forget it!  I tolerate it and I absolutely hate the noise around my ears.  So what if I'm on a special grooming table?  I deserve it .... I'm a special boy even if I am neutered.  So what if I'm wet.  Why do I have to be subjected to the one thing that ruins my event.  Why can't they just STOP with the bath?  I don't think that they do that to humans at the Red Door Spa, do you?  The only think that makes the blow dry tolerable is the wonderful comb-out after.  I have a special comb ... one with rotating tines so that it glides through my double-coated fur and removes all the mats.  It feels like getting my whole body tickled.  Bring it on! 

But you have to admit it .... aren't I totally cute?

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