Friday, January 6, 2012

The long, long journey home .....

I was actually a good boy.  In fact, I was a very, very good boy.  Only whined once for about 15 minutes because I was bored and a little hungry and wanted some special attention.  I needed to behave; as the older brother I had to set a good example for Izzy because this was her first long distance trip back and forth from Chicago to Colorado and she takes all her cues from me. The only cue she doesn't take is when I want to be left alone!!!

Let me talk from the perspectives of both Izzy and me.  I wasn't happy when the packing started.  Before that, I was my typical "slug" boy lying about when I wasn't being challenged by physical exertion (namely, walking).  

My 'fav' position!
Izzy, as usual, was oblivious to what was going on, and simply wanted belly rubs and to smile at anyone who would look at her.  
I am just a happy girl!

Mom was stressed by trying to clean up everything all around her to put in special bags.  Our dad was simply trying to stay out of mom's way.  (Good choice, Dad).  Then he brought us to the main floor of the condo building to bring up the luggage cart.  Who could resist a ride on that?  Izzy and I certainly couldn't:  

We aren't sure about this.  Does this mean we're gonna leave?

I know I'm hard to see.  I was BURIED in stuff!
We left around 10:30 MT and the ride up and down the passes weren't too painful for my ears although I whined a bit (Please note that I am a very expressive TT.)  Then we were in west Denver where Mom and Dad did some shopping.  Dad bought an audio CD book set for the long journey home, and Mom had to buy a new bluetooth ear piece because Izzy chewed up her old one a day ago.  The car was so packed with stuff that you could barely see out the back to see my smiling (?) face.  

This was in Nebraska.  It was 70 degrees on January 5th!

After multiple stops for peeing, getting gas, and pooping, we arrived home at 5 a.m.  Being in the car for about 16 hours, we were plenty rested and wanted to play and romp around.  Mom and dad were NOT happy.  Eventually we allowed them to settle down for a nap after insisting on being fed.  

I'm learning the art of the scam.  Maybe I've already mastered it; I'm not sure.  The basic tenet is that if your owners are tired enough and if you are persistent enough, they will eventually give in to whatever you want.  I got FOOD!  Now .... if I could just figure out how to use the 'scam skill' on IzzyDunk.  Hmmmm.  That would be interesting.  

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  1. That first pic looks like pure, unadulterated sleep.

    Why can't humans lie like that?