Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My love affair with Tabasco Sauce

I seem to remember an awful news story a year or two back about a man disciplining his dog by literally pouring Tabasco sauce down the poor dog's throat.  It made headlines, and of course, now I can't find it on any online searches.  I vowed at that time to never be that sort of owner.  

However .... I now have IzzyDunk who loves to chew through my dining room table chair legs.  She had other options ... very expensive bully sticks to chew on and a bucket full of chew toys.  Is Izzy interested in them?  Absolutely not.  Whenever it is quiet in the house, and she is not in sight, the dining room table chair legs are getting thinner and thinner.  

I tried Bitter Apple.  No luck.  I tried wiping them with orange juice.  Again no luck.  To make matters worse, the chewed wood was unfinished whereas the finished wood obviously remained the same.  It looked terrible.  

Now, I never poured Tabasco sauce down her throat, but I did liberally paint the entire chair legs with the hottest Tabasco sauce I could find at Whole Foods.  (Of course, the Queen Isadora Duncan deserves the best Tabasco sauce available).  I watched and waited.  A miracle!  No chewing.  No more obvious bite marks!  And even better was that fact that the orange in the Tabasco sauce made the raw wood on the chairs looked as though they were finished (unless one looked closely).  

Found at Whole Foods
So,  I love Tabasco sauce, used judiciously.  But Izzy is now tearing the white cording off the dining room table chairs and Tabasco sauce does not come in a transparent color.  I am now searching for the equivalent of a malevolent tasting spray that won't harm destructo-girl, IzzyDunk, and preserve my dining room set.  


  1. Never can catch her in the act! Someone suggested white pepper ... am thinking about it. (BTW, used to use the spray bottle when I had cats). Sue