Saturday, October 24, 2009

My First Weeks at my new home ....

Well, the first thing I did after crying for my lost mom and siblings for the 2 hour ride home was to go into my new home and poop on the rug.  A good beginning.  My new parents had everything for me.  And I was loved, especially by my dad who slept in the family room with me for the first 6 weeks taking me out to pee or poo every two hours until I was sleeping through the night.  And I went to him every day to work, which was very scary at first.  Riding in a car .... in a crate.  I hollered and hollered but it didn't do any good.  But there was a nice lady at work who eventually taught me everything I learned, who thought I was very smart, and would share her breakfast with me.  Another person under my spell.  Can you see how I've trained my dad even though I was a youngster?


  1. Dad stands zero chance. My dog Heathcliff goes everywhere with me too. Since I no longer work, if I get out of the car to get gas, he barks at me until I get back in. A woman at the gas station said, "Can anyone say spoiled?" Wigglebutt, have mercy on the poor dumb animal.

  2. Steve, it's can anyone *spell* spoiled (lol). WBDYP