Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Obey or Not Obey

Obedience has always been an issue for me.  While I'm not a snarler or a growler, my disobedience is more in the form of Ghandi's Civil Disobedience .... like .... who me?  do what?  see what?  where's the treat?  what's over there seems more fun than what I'm doing right now.  you want me to do what?  why?  I prefer to gaze about, troll the ground for interesting things, pretend (note the pretend) to be dumb (which I most certainly am not), look longingly at other owners hoping that they will give me THEIR treats (believe me, with my eyes it often works), or make little yips.  Despite my regression, I originally was very very good at obedience.  Because my first trainer, whom I actually love and continue to love (not my mom or dad by the way), totally gets me.  I'm under her spell.  When she says "drop it," I drop whatever on a dime.  The other day, I was at work with my dad at his factory and there were some baby mice running around.  At first I didn't notice them, but finally I did.  I picked one up in my mouth.  It squirmed and I didn't know what to do with it, wriggling away, and Kim (my goddess of training) said, "Dunk, drop it," and I did and they took it outside and let it go.  When SHE trained me, I listened and learned.  Then came the rest of it and the question became:  To Obey or not Obey and that has been the theme of my life.  My mom takes me to Rally Obedience now.  We both suck at it.  We both have ADHD.  She can't find her way around signs to save her life and I'd rather be looking around at other things than her.  But I do have the certificate of basic training when I was about 4 months old with my mom and Dad.  And I did pass my Canine Good Citizen Test, although it was probably a pity pass when I was 8 months old.  Thank you, Kim.


  1. Boy Wigglebutt...I dropped out of puppy kindergarten cause the teacher was really mean and scarey and I had the runs for three weeks cauz of him. Then I flunked family manners for puppies. I was just too interested in all the other dogs...I just wanted to meet and greet. I could do all the tricks and then some at home, but as far as I was concerned...this was playtime. I'm impressed with your certificate.

  2. Sounds just like me, Petey Puppy ..... pity pass! Truly! Love, Dunkster