Saturday, October 17, 2009

My mom didn't want me .....

It's true!  My mom and dad discussed the issue long and hard before contacting my real mom, the breeder.  My mom had had multiple cats her whole adult life.  Her last cat had died the year before and finally she was pet free, worry free.  But then she went to a benefit and had one too many glasses of wine and bid on a golden lab, a beautiful 12 week old puppy sleeping soundly in the arms of someone else.  Unbenownst to her, my dad had gone to find her to look at the puppy.  But she didn't bid high enough.  Ha, ha!  The door opened, although ever so slightly.  The discussions began, and continued, and continued.  Mom finally relented after dad said she could choose the breed.  He really, really, really wanted me (or someone like me).  My mom said that she didn't spend as much time discussing having children.  She and her then husband just 'thought it might be time to start' and BAM, she was pregnant with Ben.  And then Jeremy.  But with me, there was a long, long discussion.  Dad promised that all mom would have to do is play with me, that is .... if she wanted.  So at last she relented and they contacted my breeder.  Just look at me!  I'm six weeks old and still with my home family and running in their back yard.  How could anyone resist me?  Aren't I cute?

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  1. Oh my goodness how adorable is this pup? This is A poster pup if ever I saw 1 Sooooo cute :0)