Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Tales of Wigglebutt Duncan, a Tibetan Terror

To anyone out there in the real world who even cares, my name is really Cedar C Dancin' Duncan. My real name, however, is Wiggle Butt Duncan. The highly esteemed American Kennel Club in their exclusive wisdom, deemed "wiggle butt" or rather "butt" as defamatory to a dog or rather to a dog breed and my owners frantically tried to come up with a name that described me as well. Alas, they failed. I don't think that the American Kennel Club has the slightest sense of humor, perhaps not even a knowledge of how dogs can wag not only their tails but also their butts and their whole bodies. So I have a pseudonym, which is my real name, which of course I think is far more descriptive of me. My blog is my life and my observations of life from the perspective of a now adolescent 20 month old neutered Tibetan Terrier who looks into the mirror and sees a mastiff although I weigh only 25.5 pounds.

My mom owner has a problem naming things, like dogs, cats, and babies. She tells the story of when she was pregnant with Jeremy, her younger son, she had expected a daughter and was surprised to have a son. She was unprepared to name a boy and refused to do so in the hospital despite the repeated entreaties by the nursing staff to do so in order to prepare the birth certificate. It took 4 days. Abigail became Jeremy. Enough said. Naming the cats were another problem. With me, she became superstitious and said that the breeder's name was good enough, especially after her rejection by the AKC. So, my question is: What's in a name?


  1. Hi Duncun, it's great to meet you. We're glad that you found Pet Blogs United!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Wow, Oscar, I checked you out .... you follow a ton of blogs. Great reading!!!

  3. I like the name Wigglebutt. My cat is Earl Gray. He is gray and white, and I do like the tea. One of my readers suggested that I name all my pets after different teas. And I agree with you about AKC. I'm not a fan.

  4. Thanks, Michele, I adore cats. And I like the name theme. A Tibetan Terrier breeder (now deceased) named her litter(s) after Peanuts characters.