Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's the big deal about puppy socialization?

My mom and dad were told that I needed to meet 100 people and 100 dogs by the time I was 12 weeks old.  That's a heck of a lot of people and a heck of a lot of dogs, especially when you don't have your rabies vaccine yet.  They took me to a puppy training class where I was a scaled down version of Marlee and Me.  I was so excited to see other dogs that I almost choked myself on my leash to get to them.  My mom eventually had to sit in a chair and step on my leash so I could only move from a sit to a down position.  Why was she bringing me to this place if I couldn't play?  What's a youngster to do?  She struggled through the class but no certificate for me.  I misbehaved grandly; the trainer said that it was because I was a terrier (I guess that terriers don't listen too well), but she must have not done her homework because anyone who knows anything certainly knows that Tibetan Terriers are NOT terriers.  In fact, we are non-sporting dogs.  FINALLY, the class was over.  I missed my new buddies but didn't miss the teacher.  Then came puppy socialization at a local PetCo.  A lot of HUGE puppies (and actually some adult dogs, shame on them) in one very small room.  We went 2 Saturdays a month.  I was terrified at first and tried to pretend I wasn't there by hiding against a wall or behind people's legs.  But they wouldn't let me and kept on putting me in the middle of the room.  Eventually I got used to it, but when things got too rough, I would hide under the playground equipment.  Can you see me in the back corner?  A little terrified bundle of black and white, not knowing what to do?  Unfotunately for my owners, I over-learned the socialization part to the point of .... the heck with obedience, I want to play! 


  1. I see you back there Dunkie. Isn't funny how all these supposed authorities claim they know all about us...but call us terriers...I even had a vet do it. Mom won't take me to that one anymore.

  2. You have a very smart Mom. When I'm wild (who, me?), every one says, "well, that's a terrier for you." I've stopped correcting them.

  3. Well, Wiggelbutt, you are a honorary terrier. So long as you keep up your civil disobedience. Remember Mom's only have two mammary glands we have eight, Dad's well they have their own neurosis, somewhere, no one can find it. No sense taking it out on us! Force is the weapon of the weak. Why should we take orders from someone who can only smell 1/600th of what we can? Someone who can't hear high pitches? Sense sub-sonics, never. Let's face it, they need us, more than we need them. They really have no way of learning anything. They do have thumbs, that is nice, but, usually they have it up some orifice. Dad is pretty smart though, he wants dogs as co-pilots. The pilot's job will be to feed the dog. The dog's job is to bite the pilot any time he touches the aircraft. It will greatly reduce maintenance, accidents and terrorism. Do watch out though, they conspire. Never trust them too much. Heathcliff, Lizard and Cory