Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The 10 things I Like Most About Being a Tibetan Terrier

1.  I've made friends all over the world with other Tibetan Terriers and their owners.  I'm on Facebook; you can even Google me (WigglebuttDuncan) and I have 2 whole pages devoted to me!  A TT! 

2.  I've convinced my humans that I'm smart (and that's not just about my breed trait).

3.  I'm forgiven for my willful, independent disposition (because my humans believe it's a breed trait).

4.  Most people forgive my misbehaving because they think I'm a terrier and it's "terrier behavior," even though I'm NOT a terrier.

5.  I get tons of extra special treats for doing stupid things in training.  I even get cooked special foods as rewards where I reward my mom intermittently for listening to what I want her to do.

6.  It's OK for me to have ADHD; in fact, it's expected.

7.  It's OK for me to have notoriously bad recall; in fact, it's expected.

8.  Everyone who knows me thinks I'm cute and I know how to maximize it in order to get invited into people's homes (Thanks, Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred). 

9.  There are very few of my breed around, so I always get LOTS of attention from everyone asking me what kind of dog I am.....

and, finally .....

10.  My mom and dad love me so much and think I'm so special, that they actually do something dorky like blogging about me!



  1. I believe it. I'm in the same boat, but my mom doesn't think she writes as well as your mom...so no blog for me...so far

  2. Hey Petey Puppy, you deserve a blog .... it's just random thoughts. Thanks for following me. Love to you and your mom.

  3. Wigglebutt! You are so cute! My Roxie has a crush on you. How old are you, btw. Can I share your Top 10 List on my blog?

  4. Sure, Sudie .... I am 21 months old and I love girls, especially TT girls. Roxie is adorable. Of course you can share my Top 10 list on your blog! Thanks for reading. Love, WigglebuttDuncan