Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I think I may be a HUMAN WHISPERER

Everyone who looks at me thinks I'm a dog .... can you actually believe when I started typing this in, I typed in god instead of dog???  Maybe I am a god.  Certainly the monks of Tibet thought so, me being a Tibetan Terrier .... But I think I'm something completely different.  I have decided --- after much deliberation ---- that I must be a HUMAN WHISPERER.  How's that for a name:  WigglebuttDuncan, the HUMAN WHISPERER.  I kind of like it.

OK .... why do I think so?  Well, what's this thing about a 'whisperer?' You see it everywhere on TV and on the movies today .... Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, who gets dogs to do what HE wants; Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Ghost Whisperer who gets people to go into the light; and wasn't there a book and movie about a Horse Whisperer who emotionally healed horses?  It seems that all these people have one thing in common:  Other than their mysterious connection to another species or alien being, they can get others to do what they want.  Is this whispering?  or is it behavioral reinforcement?  Nevertheless, I vote for the latter; that's why I am a HUMAN WHISPERER.

For example, I look at my mom and cock my head to tell her I want a treat and if I'm being really dramatic, I drop to the ground on my special mat, and GUESS WHAT!  I get a treat without having to say a word (or an arf).  Works every time.  When I go for a walk with my dad at work, I concentrate on Susie being home to visit and give me a treat, and boom, the door opens, I do all my tricks at once for her, and get a great treat!  She does my bidding as well.  Women are not the only people under my whispering spell.  My dad has been trained to take me home early after Kim leaves because I tell him it's time.  I whine to go to the park and we go.  My unexpressed wish (or verbally unexpressed) is his command.  My next door neighbors are likewise under my spell and I am one of their favorite house guests. I spend all day Saturdays with my mom and she does whatever I decide to do .... we go to parks, and for walks, and puddle play, and during the winter we will ski together if I get my way (heh, heh). 

So I have decided to lengthen my name.  From now on, I'm WigglebuttDuncan, the Human Whisperer.  My friends, however, can still call me Dunkie, Skunky Dunky, or Dunkie-doodle.


  1. Oh great human whisperer...I have something on you...I'm a cat whisperer

  2. What a handsome one you are! And we have something in common. I have a blog too. i hope you check it out and become a follower!


    Wet Kisses.