Monday, November 2, 2009

Rally-O Isn't So Easy Either ....

When I finally got my mom to recognize that agility was not going to be my FAV sport, she still wanted to train me.  She says that training "increases the bond between owner and pet."  Is she NUTS?  The only thing that strengthens my bond with anyone is the quality of food and treats that they are willing to share with me.  And I like, no LOVE, Rally-O only because mom cooks special treats for me before each weekly class.  Rest assured, I will do almost anything (unless it is completely undignified) for a quality treat.  No hot dogs for me; no string cheese for me; no Zuke's treats for me.  I won't perform for that.  The treat must be quality, including broiled steak with garlic powder chopped into bits and pieces, candied cook carrots, and even canned chick peas (rinsed off, of course).  Just because I'm SPECIAL. 

Rally-O is hard for both of us.  It's difficult for me because I have to watch my mom when I'd rather be doing other things, like looking on the ground for treats dropped by other people, looking at the cute dogs in the conformation ring next to us, or watching the dogs in the beginning agility class in yet another ring.  Did I mention that EVERYTHING on the floor looks like a treat?  I guess that with my head fall, I don't see so well and my nose is not the best at knowing where the food is, so I sometimes think that a random piece of string on the floor is a piece of food ... or maybe even a bug that needs eating.  So I guess that I'm a little ADHD (more so, if you ask my mom), and she threatens to take me to a dog psychiatrist (no whisperer for me) to determine the correct dose of Adderall. 

But you should see how awful my mom is as well.  She actually gets lost trying to find the next sign even though they're clearly marked, doesn't know how to hold the lead the right way, can't figure out what to do at some of the signs, and she drops food along the way which I then must eat right there.  And then she gets upset with me when I react to new dogs entering into my Rally Territory.  Oh!  Did I mention that the Rally course is MY territory and that if new dogs (always much larger than I) don't pay proper deference then I consider it my business to show them who's boss?  Well, I do ....

Here's a link to prove how much remedial training we need:

We are never going to win a title, much less compete, but I do love the treats so I hope that my mom continues with Rally.  I'm thinking that maybe I should behave a little more so that she doesn't get discouraged and drop out.  What do you think?  Hey, where am I?  We can't even find the Rally event? 

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