Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Excel at BARKING!

I Excel at Barking   ….

I've decided that I excel at barking.  Too bad there's not a reward for it or a Barking Title.  I'd be a champ.  My owners are annoyed.  They think I bark at stupid stuff.  Usually at night.  If I'm upstairs in the loft lying down, I see a reflection of another TT in the window and people next to it.  They are STRANGERS and I must warn them away.  I also bark at other TTs outside the windows at night.  I don't understand why my humans are not concerned and actually seem irritated (I already said that, didn't I?).  When we go out at night, and it's REALLY dark, I bark to warn any dangerous people or objects outside that I am around and I'll take anyone or anything on …. not really, I'm a little scared and would rather be inside….. BARKING. 

I also bark when I'm tired, or at least that's what my humans believe.  I have traces of a herding dog in me and I am trying to herd my humans into bed where we all can sleep.  Unfortunately, they usually ignore me unless I'm terribly obnoxious, which is one of my best attributes.  Just look at the picture of me on their bed.  I was so exhausted, they actually felt sorry for me and covered me with my special blanket that I get to lie down on when I'm on their bed. 

My cousin, PeteyPuppy, also barks at windows.  He's a TT who's a month younger than I.  I just found that out from his mom, so I don't feel so deviant for barking.  I wonder if other breeds bark as much as TTs?  I'm told that TTs "bark a lot" or at least that's what other TT owners tell my mom.  When I was just a puppy, a client of her's told her that TTs bark … A LOT.  She didn't believe him.  She thought his TT probably had 'issues.'  I didn't bark as a puppy …. I don't know why.  I finally found 'my voice' when I was about 18 months old and that was it!  And I don't plan to give it up.  I consider it one of my best attributes (other than my good looks, of course!)


  1. Well done Dunkie. I also bark at the TT in the fireplace. He is just so good looking. Love PeteyPup

  2. PeteyPup must have a glass fireplace screen. I have a mesh one and try to go after the schmutz there. Of course the TT in the fireplace is good-looking, perhaps even gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely, he looks a little like me. Hey Dunk, yesterday my mom got home from work and realized she forgot her bag in her desk. She grabbed me and we drove back to work to pick it up. Welllllllll we got out of the car and I gave a ferocious mom wasn't too happy. We then walked into this big big big brightly lit room with a bunch of people sitting there...well I barked even more out everyone here comes Peteypup. My mom was even more annoyed. So she picked me up and carried down this long long long hallway until we got to her office. All was cool then I saw some friends. I was quieter on the way back to the car.

  4. Hi Peteypuppy, I only bark like that when I go into the dark. I am telling anyone and everyone out there to beware: THE DUNKMAN IS COMING. MOVE OUT! I really don't want anyone one to know that I'm a little nervous about the dark because I don't see so well with my head fall, and that my bark is actually worse than my bite. We RULE!